While the human element is still vital to an interview, this stage shouldn’t be ignored as a site of essential metric collection. A 2017 paper by researchers Roger C. Mayer, Richard S. Warr and Jing Zhao found that companies with strong diversity hiring programs announced two more new products each year, on average, than their less-diverse competitors. How to Measure Diversity in the Workplace. *Editor’s note: Download our full Diversity and Inclusion Handbook for more than 70 pages of tangible strategies to help you cultivate diversity and inclusion on your team, including diversity goals and objectives. When the data is housed within the software, tasks like analysis and pattern identification can be given to the system, allowing recruiters to spend more time on evaluating experience and skills. For instance, collecting information about age, gender and racial or ethnic background, along with names, addresses, college names or graduation dates, can still be done in the system. Measure your diversity and inclusion metrics and benchmarks with these analytics tools. Finally, to help our customers actually move the needle, we focus on education, support, and working with our community through events to help make diversity and inclusion a priority from the inside out. You could use EEO questions to collect demographic information on applicants, but that misses large swaths of candidates who never apply. By Melody Dawn. Fortunately, a valid and reliable personality assessment is a great tool to measure candidates’ personality traits, motivations, and skills. It is not enough to only recruit women and under-represented ethnicities. Personality assessments increase workplace diversity because they don’t show adverse impact, that is, personality scores do not differ for minority group members. Tracking the right metrics is a must for companies that want to know how well their diversity efforts work. ‘Underrepresented’ is a relative term, so the populations of … It indicates how well the entire recruiting function works. Make diversity training one part of a wider effort. An organization may establish quantitative measures based on: Representation: What is the workforce profileof the organization? However, the long-term benefits to doing so are tremendous. “Look for candidates beyond the universities you are the most familiar with. Sylvia recommends attending conferences and events intended to connect more diverse applicants with hiring companies, and to track specific metrics related to the event. In addition, ensuring that each position has a set of metrics for success can help ensure that unconscious bias doesn’t adversely affect diversity. We’ve invested into building a welcoming workplace for all talent since day one, and we’re proud of our results, including 50:50 gender parity, a Timmy Award for Best Tech Workplace for Diversity in 2017, and being named the Bay Area’s number one Best Place to Work in 2018 by the San Francisco Business Times. How successfully are you building a diverse pipeline of candidates? Rethink the way you think about diversity… For instance, tracking the demographic data of candidates who reach the interview stage is a must. These pros gave insight into how to launch a diversity recruitment initiative and shared their own experiences and challenges in this important area. Disability began before age 18 Different functioning may affect an individual’smemory, problem-solving abilities, attention, communication, linguistics, a… Highlight the text, right-click and … Candidates will receive a link to the survey in their inbox, and have the option to submit gender, race, and veteran status information. Does the metric pass the SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, relevant, timely) test? Diversity recruitment isn’t just a hiring practice; it must be one of your core brand values that you live out in your public-facing activities. Now, in Lever, there’s a better way. A good start is to have a workplace policy covering equality, diversity and inclusion. A policy helps everyone to know: 1. the business supports and treats everyone fairly 2. what kind of behaviour is expected of them 3. about discrimination and the law, and what is not acceptable 4. where to find the procedures for resolving any problems Your policy could also point employees to any extra activities or services that your workplace offers, such as: 1. staff network… Lever believes that civic engagement is an important aspect of contributing to our local, national, and global communities. “Ensure that your reporting aligns with your recruiting funnel and/or hiring stages,” she writes. Find a digital copy of the last job ad you wrote. As a result, customers can finally capture complete records of their diversity and inclusion hiring activity without being burdened by manual processes or constrained by incomplete datasets. Step 3: Increase your diversity hiring in your candidate sourcing. Building a company without workplace diversity is like weaving a tapestry with only one thread: ineffective and probably a little boring. Increase brand awareness among a broader audience by having a presence at philanthropic and educational events that target underrepresented populations. Here, tracking quality of hire alongside demographic points like age, gender, and racial or ethnic background can also help companies determine where and how their diversity efforts are having results. That’s why so many of the employees in the stats above felt alienated and were looking for new jobs. To partner with Lever and scale your team with diversity and inclusion in mind, please request a demo. Tracking diversity metrics in promotion and leadership is essential for company success. For instance, tracking the number of contacts made, applications received, and applicants who reach each stage of your hiring and onboarding process can help you determine the event’s impact on your diversity and outreach efforts. One of the best ways to recruit diverse candidates is to do an audit of your past … for gender, ethnicity, and veteran status — in aggregate for every stage in the hiring funnel. Consider adding your department’s equity/diversity/inclusion statement or a value statement that reflects your department’s commitment to equity in hiring. Intellectual functioning level (IQ) below 70-75 2. Without data, it’s nearly impossible to understand how your efforts are working and where you need to improve. Our CEO, Sarah Nahm, is a proud member of Founders for Change, a group of venture-backed founders who are dedicated to improving diversity and inclusion within their companies, and to achieving greater diversity at the highest levels of VC firms. Use analytics to keep track of diversity ratios — i.e. What about measuring the effectiveness of HR in the context of diversity and inclusion? Establish a sense of belonging for everyone. For tactical and concrete advice for making real progress in diversity and inclusion, download our free Diversity and Inclusion Handbook. To increase your diversity hiring, take the following 6 steps: Step 1: Conduct a diversity hiring audit on your current hiring process. Meanwhile, companies in the bottom quartile for diversity are the least likely to achieve above-average returns, says Vivian Hunt, a senior partner at McKinsey and managing partner for its UK and Ireland offices. The first step for an inclusive company culture is to measure D&I. Interviews are typically seen as the point at which metrics take a backseat to relationship-building. Tomorrow, Lever is supporting our US-based Lever... With this release, Lever is announcing a host of upgrades to help as recruiting organizations plan to enter 2021 with more predictability and sustainability in mind. Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15 percent more likely to have above-median financial returns. This metric measures what percentage of diversity goals were met or the percentage of diverse hires. Review resumes from more than one job website.”. Lever customers can already collect EEO information from applicants during the application process. Images by: Albert Yuralaits/©123RF.com, Narith Thongphasuk/©123RF.com, Edhar Yuralaits/©123RF.com, By using the Eightfold website you agree to our use of cookies. Diversity boosts the bottom line. Once you have a baseline, you’ll have a better idea … Achieving workplace diversity was the top priority for employers in 2018.. At Hired, we look beyond just gender and race in measuring our workplace. Now, you can collect the same information via email for non-applicants with the EEO survey. Workplace diversity not only expands your talent pool, but allows each member of your organization to draw from the backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences of fellow team members – but you already knew that.The question isn’t whether diversity is important, but “How can my company measure diversi… Surveys are the perfect tool for measuring the feelings and opinions of … When it comes to finding more diverse candidates, “you’re setting yourself up for failure if you’re merely working toward filling an equal employment opportunity quota,” Jori Ford writes at Fast Company. Audit your job ads. But many companies aren’t sure where to look, says Lori Sylvia, founder and CEO of Rally Recruitment Marketing. How Diversity Panels can Fix Bias in Job Descriptions and Hiring Bias. Incorporating them into business goals can give employees more of a reason to take them seriously. Diversity also means differences in experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. While the benefits of workplace diversity are well-documented, the path to achieving diversity is less clear. In addition to asking EEO questions to support diversity and inclusion efforts during the application process, customers have the ability to automatically survey candidates who never submit applications – like sourced candidates and referrals – with Lever’s EEO survey. “For example, consider hiring someone who comes from a different industry, or who has slightly different skills,” says Angela Copeland, founder of Copeland Coaching. Are underrepresented minorities and women moving successfully through your interview pipeline? © 2021 Lever Privacy | Legal | Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Step 2: Pick one metric to improve for your diversity hiring. For example, one global bank uses metrics to track factors like age, gender, and racial or ethnic background in its applicant pools and in promotions. Diversity hiring without inclusion efforts can easily result in higher turnover when new hires don’t feel like they belong on the team, says Tim Sackett, president of HRU Technical Resources in Michigan. For example, you could choose to trigger the survey the moment a candidate makes it to phone screen. “With Lever’s EEO survey for sourced candidates and referrals, we have the ability to piece together a full story regardless of whether a candidate was sourced, referred or applied themselves. Most applicant tracking systems today can gather demographic information about candidates. A diversity recruitment strategy defines goals, accountabilities, action items and success measures for attracting, engaging, assessing and hiring diverse talent to drive business success. In addition, calculating both pre-hire and post-hire quality can help companies determine how their diversity efforts in hiring are meshing with their inclusion efforts on the job, says Roy Maurer at SHRM. The equation is fairly straight forward, however there are a couple of areas of concern to be aware of to ensure that you understand how to formulate this measure in an appropriate and acceptable way. The EEO survey is the latest feature of many that supports diversity and inclusion for Lever customers. “Diversity and inclusion leaders are hungry for data, but when it comes to hiring, it’s incredibly difficult to collect data that gives you a complete picture of your hiring efforts,” says Blend’s Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Leader, Ciara Trinidad. Which groups are under-represented in th… For each individual to bring their best self forward, a … Companies “understand the need to improve workforce diversity but struggle with how to prioritize their challenges and create a tangible, results-driven strategy,” says Kathy Clem, director of diversity recruitment at Allegis Global Solutions. Without the demographic data, hiring managers and recruiters can focus on each applicant’s skills. For many companies, changing the makeup of their applicant pool means changing where they search for new applicants. Which is one of many important reasons recruiters and human resource professionals gathered for Lattice’s Resources for Humans Virtual Conference on September 17th. 48 percent have looked for another job while on the clock during the last six months. Diversity hiring: Employers’ top priority in 2018. Diversity hiring is about much more than ticking boxes. Improving the mix of perspectives on your teams often means reaching beyond your usual sources for hiring on those teams. Holding leadership accountable for meeting specific goals in this area can help improve the diversity of the applicant pool, says Jeffery Lewis at Affirmity. If candidates you meet at diversity conferences get lost in your pipeline, or worse, never hear from you again, implement talent relationship management (TRM) software. To ensure a more diverse mix of professionals, the company holds leadership accountable for cultivating a more diverse applicant pool. Measures: Candidate-to-applicant ratio, candidate-to-hire ratio. Assign responsibility and establish accountability. Cognitive disabilities, also known as intellectual functioning, are recognized by the EEOC when an individual meets this criteria: 1. Focus Interviews on Obtaining Factual, Job-Related Information. Here, it’s also important to compare the diversity of the group of candidates offered an interview to the group that accepts, the group that attends and the group that is still in contention after interviews are completed. … Inclusion happens when people in power use that power to bring people in rather than keep people out.”. Actual hires to hiring goals. Instead, demographic data points should be incorporated into a hiring process that focuses on reaching specific goals for both diversity and inclusion. One way to keep unconscious biases out of your job descriptions is to involve more women and underrepresented minorities in the process. ... Men and women should receive the same pay scale in regards to their experience level and time on the job. The number of diversity sources that were utilized. It’s simple. U.S. federal contractors have the ability to collect disability information, as well. Once targets or other goals are set, responsibility … You could manually survey every candidate who comes in your door, but that’s time consuming, and candidates are bound to slip through the cracks. However, many of these systems are set up to store and share applications as a single set of information. As with any HR-related goal, determining your organization’s success at implementing diversity efforts requires choosing which metrics to track. Lever’s automated EEO survey helps customers capture complete … Measuring diversity and inclusion from a business perspective can also help you get buy-in from leaders who might not be as likely to prioritize diversity on its own. This metric shows what percentage of hiring goals hiring teams met. Lever provides end-to-end diversity and inclusion recruiting support. 83% of Google tech employees were men, with 60% of the entire tech workforce being white and another 34% being Asian.There was, however, one positive outcome from the release: After Google released its report, the rest of the tech community began making an effort to be more transparent as well. The way to measure diversity is as a percentage of headcount. They felt kept out. Collect diversity data from ALL candidates with Lever’s automated EEO survey. To achieve benefits such as these, HR must monitor and measure the following diversity metrics: #1: Is your retention level consistent across women and minorities? Or, you could forgo tracking at all. Our diverse perspectives come from many sources including gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, culture, education, as well as professional and life experience. Some of these measures include: The number of diversity events attended. Many quantitative measures focus on the amount or number of persons in an organization based on traditional affirmative action definitions. You can rest easy knowing you are collecting the information you need. Companies have started to recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion—but few have found ways to hold themselves accountable to real change. Significant limitations in adaptive skills — the basic conceptual, social and practical skills needed for everyday life 3. In a 2018 white paper from the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP), a committee led by consultant Nicole Dessain recommended using four criteria to assess various metrics: These four factors provide context for determining which metrics need the most emphasis when it comes to understanding and improving your company’s diversity efforts. When hiring managers can view demographic data, unconscious biases can affect screening and interview decisions. The ID number can be used to track candidates throughout the process, and the candidate’s identifying information can be easily reunited with the application when it becomes time to evaluate diversity efforts. 80 percent have declined to refer people in their professional networks to their employer. You could measure how often they attend pivotal meetings, or how much they’re involved in key decision making processes, such as documenting the makeup of … Can the metric be categorized as either functional (providing insights on operations) or individual (providing feedback for coaching and performance)? Test Your Job Ads. Moreover, we strive to live up to our commitment to diversity and inclusion within our own culture and in turn share best practices with the community. And for organizations that recognize they could be doing a better job with inclusion, candidate screening is great starting point. Are the percentages and numbers of the workforce aligned with the general workforce of the local area, state, or nation? In addition to examining the applicant pool as a whole, companies seeking to promote diversity can benefit from looking at specific roles within the company, as well as considering the culture on specific teams and throughout the organization as a whole. However, the right software can also sequester this information, instead assigning each candidate a unique identifying number. But rather than simply creating the perfect male/female ratio, there’s a strong business rationale behind diversity hiring. “It will be more meaningful to leadership than impressions or page views.”. Get innovative, expert insights and recruiting best practices delivered straight to your inbox. Voting is how we directly impact what kind of society we'd like to create together. In a study on diversity and inclusion, researchers Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Ripa Rashad and Laura Sherbin found the following about employees who perceive bias at work: This is why it’s so important to remember that a workplace is something you build over time. Contributions to … That’s it! Diversity, equity, and inclusion statements By law, you may be required to include an Equal Employment Opportunity Statement in your recruitment. This is especially important when … They can also work to target staff in existing roles for further education or promotion, based on each staff member’s specific abilities and skills. Can the metric be treated as a standard for future benchmarking purposes? A McKinsey & Company report found that companies in the top 25 percent for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their industry’s median. This is game-changing for our ability to measure the impact of our diversity, inclusion and belonging efforts company wide.”, How the EEO survey works for tracking diversity and inclusion hiring efforts. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Look at your turnover rates. Here are the top actionable tips for you to make the case for and launch a diversity hiring initiative at your own organization. Quantitative measurements are aligned with basic principles of affirmative action. As a result, it is important to avoid those measures that provide little help in improving diversity recruiting effectiveness. Please see our, Roger C. Mayer, Richard S. Warr and Jing Zhao, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Ripa Rashad and Laura Sherbin. Does the metric have a clearly articulated purpose? This might also be called an ‘equal opportunities policy’. Because, ultimately, improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a problem for humans to solve, not software. We are the top ATS+CRM for proactively sourcing and engaging passive talent to build a diverse candidate pipeline – which companies name as their number one barrier to improving diversity – and we provide robust support for reducing bias in the interview process, including structured interview kits and hidden feedback. In 2014, Google released its employment diversity numbers, and they were nothing short of terrible. Being a hot topic, workplace diversity gets a lot of mentions in HR trend lists for 2018. This will make it … When quality of hire is tracked alongside diversity data, companies can determine exactly where and how their diversity and inclusion efforts are making an impact — and where work remains to be done. As proud sponsors of the 40,000-person... Lever’s Fall Release: Visual Insights Preview and Expanding Partner Ecosystem, Trevor Noah and Lattice Drop 17 Can’t Miss Best Practices on Inclusion. Holding leadership accountable for meeting specific goals in this area can help improve the diversity of the applicant pool, says Jeffery Lewis at Affirmity. Certainly, it takes time to build a workplace and a company culture that ensures everyone feels included. In addition, Sylvia recommends tracking the total cost to exhibit at every event, then breaking down the cost per lead, per applicant, per interview and so on. Diversity boosts innovation, too. Data is key to any business initiative, and it’s no different when hiring for diversity and inclusion. When companies know which candidates apply for specific roles and who is hired to fill them, recruiters and hiring managers can adapt their outreach efforts accordingly. Instead, companies can use these systems both to track essential diversity metrics and to reduce bias, says Daniel Bortz at the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). For example, one global bank uses metrics to track factors like age, gender, and racial or ethnic background in … The survey will automatically send to candidates via email the moment the candidate moves to or past a selected stage in your pipeline. It happens when you give credit to people for their ideas and contributions. The world has changed a lot over the past six months. Step 4. Traditionally, companies have a few choices for tracking their diversity and inclusion recruiting efforts, and none are ideal. We are a company of builders who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to inventing on behalf of our customers. Diversity goals. Diversity and inclusion aren’t things you can measure with KPIs and one day announce “Mission Accomplished.”, Amber Baldet, co-founder of Clovyr and former head of the blockchain team at JPMorgan Chase, drives this point home: “Inclusion happens when your recruiting process casts a wider net for qualified candidates. Diversity metrics should focus on the proportion of underrepresented identities in different areas of the company.

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