I listed these under the St. Petersburg name as practically no one, at least in the US, have ever heard of Nevskaya Palitra. Blue Wool Scale will be given when known, but be aware that these may be from tests on a single formulation, and may not be the same for all brands or binders. Acrylic Artist Color. Lascaux Artist Acrylics (Web), (PDF)  |  Artist Metallic Acrylics Web, (PDF)  |  Studio Acrylics (Web), (PDF), Lascaux Studio Bronze (web), (PDF)  |  Lascaux Sirius Primary Colours Acrylic (Web), (PDF, no C.I.N. Fine Arts. If you find this site helpful you can help support this site by purchasing through these links. I have not included detailed chemical descriptions or analyses, but only basic information that should help you to find further information. Isaro:     Art Brands Top^ Adulterants, extenders and other additives may be added to artistic paints to improve the paint rheology, transparency, and\or drying time. Thanks to the application of refined linseed oil and saffron oil in whites and careful selection of European and American pigments.". Blick art materials is an affiliate of this site and you can help support this site, at no extra cost to you, and get great deals and discounts in the process, by buying through these links. Natural Earth Paints:    Art Brands Top^ I have included references designated with "(Ref)" where further information can be attained. href=hyperlink; Their paints are very hard to find in the US. If anyone knows who makes these let me know. C.I. PB = Pigment Blue; If you are an acrylic pouring addict (just like myself) and want to know how to find the best color combinations for your art, this Color Theory for Acrylic Pouring is just for you! Organic Performance Pigments (2015 PDF)  |  Pigments for Coatings (2011 PDF)  |  Core pigments for Ink (2016 PDF), Organic & Inorganic Pigments for Cosmetics (2012 PDF), Uncategorised Colorants & Pigments:  Page Top^, Chemical Substances in Tattoo Inks (2012 PDF) Safety of tattoo Inks, FDA approved food colors, cosmetic colors and additives (Web), ACMI (Art & Creative Materials Institute) Certified Products List (PDF). Clicking on the color hue links will give the CI numbers. 2-3 Poor (fugitive), Professional quality performance and permanent or excellent light fastness. This is the C.I. N/A (not applicable) means that pigment has not been given a color index name or number. Also, each paint is poured by hand into their half or whole sized pans. Jackson's Website has CI names by clicking the color swatches The Stoneground Paint Co. NW = Natural White; PY = Pigment Yellow; Pigment Products (Web) No PDFs or brochures on site that I could find. The Color of Art Pigment Database is a free resource of pigment information for all artists. Archival A4 Acrylic Paints (PDF)  |  Atelier Interactive Acrylics (PDF), Jo Sonja Acrylics (PDF)  |  Background & Iridescent (PDF). Robertson's downloadable E-Catalog is for product information only, does not have current pricing. She named the brand of paints ISARO (ISAbelle ROelofs). "Our paint is made by hand in small batches, ensuring quality and freshness. Talens Art Creation Series Student Colors: Talens Art Creation Oils (Full Leaflet PDF), (Color Chart PDF), Talens Art Creation Watercolours (Full Leaflet PDF), (Color Chart PDF), Talens Art Creation Acrylics (Full Leaflet PDF), (Color Chart PDF), Talens Art Creation Gouache (Full Leaflet PDF), Talens Art Creation Soft Pastels (Full Leaflet PDF), Talens Art Creation Water Soluble Oil Pastels (Full Leaflet PDF). Acrylic Studio. ? "The exceptional color strength of QoR Watercolor is achieved through the use of a unique binder called Aquazol®. names are available. Triangle Coatings (Corp. Website):  Triangle cCoatings Online Store     Art Brands Top^ else Many pigments have a range of shades and hues. Blick Artists’ Oil Color (Web), Blick Artist Oils (2009 PDF), Blick Artists' Watercolor (Web)  |  Blick Liquid Watercolors (Web), Blick Artists' Acrylic (Web) (PDF), Blick Matte Arylics (Web), Blick Studio Acrylics (Web), Blick Art Materials's Downloadable Catalog also has pigment info. Fades = Becomes more Transparent Scuola Semi-Professional Acrylic (PDF, Old. C.I. (2014/2015 e-Catalog) - curiously, the catalog only only has CI names for their 'Charles' oil paint line & Pigments' but not for their top of the line brand paint. Pigment Color Index Names & Suitabilities List (2016PDF). Charvin Extra-Fine Oil Colours (Web) - Extra Fine Oils & Elite Fine Oils (older catalog on Web w/ CI)  - (2012 PDF). Aquarelle Watercolours (Web) appears to only have whites? Hey guys! Comes in attractive cardboard box suitable for gift-giving! I could find only a few color charts, and could not find any color charts that included CI Pigment names, although they I'm including them as a resource for more information onthe pigments. Other than gouache, only single pigment paints and pigments are included. No Content or Images from this Site may be downloaded, or copied, republished, reproduced, or stored, posted, transmitted, sold or distributed in any type of medium whatsoever, without the prior written permission of me, the copyright owner. Art Spectrum® Professional Quality Artists’ Oil Colours (Web)  |  Professional Quality Oil Colour Chart (PDF** ) no CI numbers, Art Prizm Studio Oil Colors (Web)  |  Art Prizm Studio Oil Paint Chart (PDF)**, Art Spectrum Artists’ Watercolours Pigment List (Web)  |  Artists’ Watercolours (PDF**), Art Prizm Studio Watercolor Color Chart (PDF), Artists’ Gouache Color Chart (2016 PDF**) no CI names, Art Spectrum Soft Pastels Color Chart (PDF**) no CI names, ** no C.I. Geneva Fine Art:     Art Brands Top^ These are typically interesting things I have read, or information collected on a pigment that may be worth further study. Generic Name (abbreviated) given by the ASTM and Colour Index International (CII) for that pigment. Oil paint and historic egg-oil emulsions and tempera were often used by the old masters of painting in their artwork. Williamsburg Handmade Oils:     Art Brands Top^ Abstract® Innovative Heavy Body Mixed Media Acryics (Web), (Brochure PDF), Gouache Extra Fine & Sennelier Artists' Egg Tempera (Web), (Leaflet Gouache PDF), (Leaflet Egg Tempera PDF), Pure Pigments (Web), (English Brochure w/ binders & additives PDF), (Colourchart & Pigment list Brochure PDF), Sennelier inks & Indian Inks (Web), (Color Chart PDF**), ** Color chart only, no Color Index or pigment information, Sennelier products at Blick Art Materials afflillate link (Web), Schira Porcelain Paints & Powders (PDF**) for historic reference only, Etude Student Oil Colors discontinued (PDF) for historic reference only. It is highly soluble in water and remains resoluble over time. 2 = Semi-Opaque, ASTM D4303 - 10, Pigment Literature (Web) Lots of PDFs of their full product range, Color Spaces (Web) Interactive Pigment listing with CI numbers, Pigments for Coatings (2017 PDF)  |  Pigments for Inks (2017 PDF)  |  FDA Compliant Pigments (2017 PDF). For Blick Art Materials' Current Promo Code, TAGS. Redwood Willow:     Art Brands Top^ These links take you to their web site where C.I. Finest Artist Oils have a heavier body and are made with Safflower oil. "Since 1905, Grumbacher has been a brand trusted by art conservationists, and professional artists throughout the United States". Color Index Names are available by selecting the specific oil paint color to bring up details. For example calling\naming a paint made with Phthalocyanine Blue as "Azure", "Smalt" or "Cobalt Blue". Names), 2012 catalog has CI names & color swatches for all their colors (. Popular crafter brand based in Australia. return false; Their product number, along with the HTML color code, RGB, and CMYK codes are listed below. Included in our range is a limited selection of relatively obscure pigments known as our Early Colours." I could find no Color Index names or information on the website, except for a few of the colors that are seperated out on the main menu. Tweet Pin It. ShinHan Art Materials:     Art Brands Top^ MSDS Sheets Here. Premium Color. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)  |  MSDS (PDF) for carbon black only? The website includes Colour Index Names on it's colour charts. You can get more info & MSDS sheets on the artist quality paints and products by can be found on the website by clicking on the individual paint image to get full paint or pigment details. Varnishes and other treatments to the painting surface or support can have an influence too. Generally any artist paints that do not indicate color index names/numbers are, with a few exceptions, low grade paints. When a manufacturer has has used a common historical name for a pigment that is not the accepted traditional historic pigment name and has not clearly indicated it to be a hue or substitute, I have indicated it with the "(hue)"* in parenthesis. On their site, The color index names and numbers are internationally recognized by the AATCC, SDC, and the ASTM. Lukas:     Art Brands Top^ Great for wet on wet techniques that require long painting sessions over a matter of days or weeks. It comes in a wide range of colors to complement the painters palette. Do not smoke, eat or drink around any art materials. They have individual pans and also offer a number of pre-made of custom palettes. Web Site Hosting: HostMonster Unlimited everything only $6.95/month  Affiliate Programs: Have a website? } Maries Acrylic Colors is a fine quality acrylic paint with buttery consistency at an excellent price for beginners and students. However, the ASTM specifications are usually voluntary and there is little means to enforce them. Fluid Colors. Professional fast drying Alkyd paints made in the U.S.A. Maimeri:    Art Brands Top^ With a complete line of Acrylic Color Paints, 18 colors in all, available in beautiful hues and colors, they will no doubt keep you painting and smiling at the same time. St. Petersburg was formally known in the U.S.S.R as Leningrad. Here is a link (for historical purposes only) to an old 2005 price list that included CI Pigment names, it may not include any or all of the pigments in the current product line, the prices in this document are absolutely no longer valid. Stoneground's watercolour paints are made in small batches. Natural Earth and Ocher pigments (Web)  |  French Mineral Pigments (Web), Primary Pigments (Web)  |  Oxide Pigments (Web)  |  Colonial Natural Pigments from the US (Web)  |  Mica Powders (Web). L = Low;    - Usually very fast driers, Under this heading will be a general designation of a possible hazard. Many of her color charts and tests are avalible free on her Patron page. A wide variety of maris acrylics options are available to you, such as painting medium. Maries knows Acrylic paints! ** no Colour Index Names for that specific series of paint. Acrylic. window.focus) Old 2008 Technical Specs (PDF) for historical information only, listed colors may not match their current line or include new colors added to the line. Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di Tokopedia. Copyright © 2009-2013 Shanghai SIIC Marie Painting Materials Co., Ltd. Shanghai ICP No.12001432 French Company founded in 1919. Some pigments may effect other pigments in your paintings too, especially if you are fond of using historic pigments such as Lead White, Chrome Yellow or Orpiment etc. Hue shift = Changes hue towards a different color, Opacity - Transparency:   Key Top ^ Page Top^, This designation is only a general reference to the most common encountered opacity or transparency inherit to the pigment. Canadian Triangle Coatings’ business began in 1932 as a small, regional paint manufacturer. Grumbacher was aquired by Chartpak, Inc in 2006, the jury is still open as to weather Chartpak can deliver quality to match the original. In most cases, i have not used any of the attempted means of standardizing color descriptions for this (such as the Munsell system), but where the pigment is included in the Color Index International Pigments and Solvent Dyes (The Society of Dyers and Colourists, third edition 1997), I have used that description, when there is no color hue description in the Color Index, I have used other reference sources in particularly manufacturer or supplier literature. In paints, the transparency of a pigment can change due to what is used as the painting medium or binder (i.e., oil color, watercolor, encaustic, acrylic, etc.). The old PDF files may not show their current line, for historical reference only. This page of the Art is Creation Color of Art has the art supplier and manufacturer color charts indicating color index pigment names of their products. LEFRANC Extra Fine Artists Oil (Web French), (Web English Translated), (PDF French), Fine Oil Colors, (Web French), (Web English Translated), (2012 PDF) (2018 PDF), (alt PDF) MSDS (French), FINE Acrylic Colours (Web French), (PDF no CI) MSDS, Extra Fine Gouache (Web)  |  Fine Gouache (Web). they have some private label brands of paints under the SAA name. has an effect on light fastness. QoR Modern Watercolors:     Art Brands Top^ Reference database, color charts and stash management for all the colors from Heller Acrylic Roberson moved to its present location in Holloway in 1987. Paint Brand/Trade Name Artists' Paint & Pigment Manufactures: (updated 2018):  Page Top^, Artistic Lineage  |  Art Spectrum  |  Blick Art Materials  |  Blockx  |  Blueridge Oil Colors, C.A.S AlkydPro  |  Ceracolors  |  Charvin  |  CJ's American Journey  |  Chroma  |  Colors of Nature  |  Cornelissen, Daniel Smith  |  Daler-Rowney  |  Davenport, Jane  |  Da Vinci  |  Doak  |  Earth Pigments  |  Ferrario, Gamblin  |  Genesis  |  Golden  |  Grapewood  |  Grumbacher  |  Guerra Paint & Pigment  |  Holbien  |  Isaro, Jackson's  |  Jaurena Art (Mir)  |  Kama Pigments  |  Kremer Pigmente  |  Kreul  |  Kroma  |  Langridge  |  Lascaux, Lefranc & Bourgeois  |  Leroux, Couleurs  |  Liquitex  |  Lukas  |  Maimeri  |  Matisse, Derivan, M. Graham  |  Master Pigments  |  Michael Harding  |  Mijello (Mission Gold)  |  Mont Marte  |  Natural Earth Paints, Natural Pigments  |  Nevskaya Palitra  |  Old Holland  |  Pebeo  |  Pfeiffer  |  QoR  |  R&F Handmade Paints, Redwood Willow  |  Renesans  |  RGH Artists' Oil Paints  |  Richeson  |  Royal Talens  |  SAA  |  Schmincke, Sennelier  |  ShinHan Art Materials  |  Sinopia Pigments  |  St. Petersburg - by Nevskaya Palitra  |  Stoneground Paint, Triangle Coatings  |  Tri-Art  |  Turner Colour Works  |  Umtom Barvy  |  Utrecht  |  Vasari Classic Oil Colors, Wallace Seymour (formerly Pip Seymour)  |  Weber (Martin F. Weber)  |  Williamsburg Handmade Oils, Winsor & Newton  |  Zecchi - Colori - Belle Arti.

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