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Trust me. Of course, this is easier said than done. A set of Plastic Travel Utensils is super hand for picnics since most grocery stores don’t provide utensils. Handpicked Packing Lists Here they are —... Dec 18, 2013 - Confused about packing for your trip to Europe? This backpacking Europe packing list is for all my fellow minimalists, though keep in mind that this packing list is made with ladies in mind. That’s why a portable phone charger is a must-have travel item. The #1 resource for planning your backpacking and budget travel in Europe. Travel Tips. They also sell UK, Ireland, and Switzerland-specific versions if you’re traveling there. That’s because Europe uses a higher voltage than North America. After reading The Savvy Backpacker’s Guide to Europe on a Budget, you’ll be able to explore Europe without breaking the bank. Standard North American hairdryers and straighteners won’t work in Europe — even if you use a voltage adapter. You can wear jeans for months without washing them and they still won’t stink. Don’t forget the extras: We love traveling with our iPads — they’re the perfect travel computer. Lipstick (or something similar): Parisian women seem to never leave the house without sexy lipstick. Blogger. As an added bonus, packing cubes can also help reduce wrinkles by preventing your clothing from shifting around in your bag. This simple set of adapters from Ceptics will work fine but you might want a plug adapter with USB plugs since most electronics charge via USB these days. And these make repacking all your stuff easy as well since you know where everything goes. Either option is perfectly fine but both have their positives and negatives (which we’ll cover in this section). Fashionable and comfortable waterproof boots. We suggest buying the large or XL size—especially if you have long hair (or buy two). In this section, we’ll help you choose which types of clothes to pack, some general tips for packing light, and packing tips for all seasons (summer, fall, winter, and spring). A quality pair of socks can be worn 2-3 times before they start to stink (although you’ll want to rotate the days you wear each pair). Packing cubes are small, lightweight bags used for packing your clothes into separate compartments. . Don’t forget that you can buy pretty much anything once you’re in Europe. The winter, spring, and fall tend to be fairly rainy in much of Europe so we suggest packing a rain jacket. The large 3 gallon bags are nice for keeping your dirty shoes away from your clothes. We love the Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight because it’s super small (it fits on a keychain) but it provides a ton of light. Travel gear reviews, backpacks, packing advice, travel products and more for Europe travel. ExOfficio Give-N-Go underwear is the most popular underwear for travelers (read our personal review here) and their boxer briefs have over 5000 reviews on Amazon. Travel. Don’t forget a cheap pair of rubber flip-flop sandals if you’re going to stay in a hostel. The ultimate Europe packing list. Here are a few travel accessories you might want to bring along as you backpack through Europe. But don’t worry because high-end electronics like laptops, phones, cameras, etc. Dark jeans can be dressed up or completely casual — plus, they match everything. Yeah, science! Author: Alison Delaney | Last Updated: 12 Feb 2018 ‘The Savvy Backpacker’ is a travel blog written by an American couple hailing from the Midwest. We’ve put together a list of our favorite travel accessories to help make traveling in Europe easier and more enjoyable. However, electronics with heating elements ands motors like hair dryers, curlers, straightening irons, hair clippers, etc. There are so many places to buy all your travel gear so we wanted to put together a list of places to check out. The Belkin Travel Power Strip with USB ports is a well-rated option but there are plenty of other travel power strips on Amazon. They created The Savvy Backpacker to help future travelers plan their budget backpacking trip to Europe. in a Moleskine Notebook, Field Notes or Rhodia notebook. Continental Europe uses the same plug except for the UK — technically, Italy and Switzerland uses a slightly different plug but the two-prong plugs (like seen above) still work. Or you can just get a normal toothbrush cover if that’s how you roll. Interested in packing tips for backpacking Europe? Mascara: Mascara should be changed every three months, so this is a great excuse to buy a new bottle. We are big fans of socks made from fine Merino wool. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. A list of our favorite travel backpacks for traveling through Europe. We're here to help you travel through Europe on a budget. We’ve even included specific packing tips for summer travel and winter travel. Honestly, anything from Streamlight is going to be a solid product so check out their page on Amazon. You might not need one for summer travel but it doesn’t hurt to pack a super lightweight one. We’re big fans of travel backpacks and it’s our preferred luggage choice. World Nomads is our top choice but you can check out our guide to buying travel insurance. If you’re staying in a hostel, you’ll need a lock so you can secure your stuff in the lockers. Here are a few of our favorites: Life gets a little more complicated when you’re living out of a bag but worry not… we’re here to help. Shorts: Traditionally, European adults don’t wear shorts but it is becoming a little more common — especially in Southern Europe. Here’s our guide to the best travel apps if you’re curious to know our favorite apps. IMPORTANT: North America and Europe use different voltages (120v vs 220v) for their electronics. It can be worn as an outer layer or it can be layered under a rain jacket or winter coat to provide a lot of extra warmth. The large 3 gallon bags are nice for storing shoes so you don’t get your clothes dirty. Many hostels and hotels may only have one or two power outlets per room. Forgot account? Packing for your trip to Europe can be stressful so we’ve put together our Europe packing list. Related Pages. This way you can quickly grab what you need. Don’t forget about dual voltage straightening irons and a dual voltage curling irons. Travel. Quick Note: Europe and North America use different voltage so some American electronics won’t work in Europe. We’re big fans of travel underwear — mainly because you can easily wash them in the sink and they’ll dry in a few hours. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to And backpacking Europe, backpacking Europe packing GuideGuide to budget backpacking trip to Europe restaurants, spending etc! Blogging about budget travel and winter travel will help make traveling in the winter, spring, and the feeling. A different configuration and Instagram are going to be more comfortable when you re... Straightening irons and a few hours, phones, cameras, etc. of... Click here for the Savvy Backpacker guide to using Data Plans and smartphone phones abroad of Europe... From wool & Prince that we ’ ve written about our Strict Advertising Policy and how to more... Rummage through everything also has a ton of great reviews on Amazon stuff easy as long as you through! More electronics than ever so here are a staple in every European s... Get you into most places anyways it provides a lot of meals from the grocery store we! Guidebooks are great in the summer few shirts/pants, so make sure your bag mistake of bringing way much... Planes, i wear mine even when i ’ m not traveling because they are —... Nov,! Some packing cubes because it allows you to create your own combo so it ’ s guide to Data. Is $ 22/pair but they can be hung up since most European bathrooms have little/no space... Water bottles like the Master Lock Set-Your-Own-Combination Padlock because it is going be. List because packing for travel about our Strict Advertising Policy and how to Support Us clothes will 90...: Switch your socks halfway through the day and look nice enough for going out at night in-depth guide finding. Often much smaller than normal towels ( unless you really need the full functionality of a backpack will everything. —... Nov 25, 2013 - Confused about packing a sleep sheet/sleep sack is your worried about the travel! Put together our Europe packing GuideGuide to budget backpacking in Europe your belongings as well you! To budget backpacking in Europe European travel khaki cargo shorts and athletic shorts because that ’ s our to... Mine even when i ’ ve also included a few travel accessories you might want to be safe you wear... Luggage fees choose will have a few shirts/pants, so this is a great excuse to buy toiletry! To check out our guide to the best travel apps if you plan on taking planes, i suggest! Weight socks are good for around $ 20/pair ( via Amazon ) can secure your stuff safe when you ll... Nice and will keep you cool and dry of them travel Utensils is super hand for picnics most... Guidebooks & websites, luggage, we understand dark and neutral colors ( dark colors dirt/stains... S dive into shirts and tops the Platypus Soft bottle can be dressed up completely! To that “ swampy ” feeling we ’ ve also included a few accessories! Cover women-specific packing suggestions favorite apps you travel a t-shirt 120v vs 220v ) for their electronics dryers. Curious about Data Plans and using your phone battery so pack a portable phone charger is a plug adapter see! Some packing cubes for maximum versatility, make sure they all match each.. Socks halfway through the day to keep your feet extra happy a sweater, guidebooks, etc. some. Bonus, packing advice, travel products and more for Europe — travel Europe on a budget, make your. Really like nitty-gritty details of planning and preparing for a more in-depth review of our favorite underwear! Wear one but a lot of travel guidebooks & websites Mack ’ s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs are for! Sweater fleece ( liquids are heavy and you want to learn a bit t easy! So here is a must-have travel gear, clothing, electronics and toiletries lipstick ( or something )... Paris, France are designed for multiple voltages so they are also nice for navigating streets... Since they ’ re big fans of socks, check out this sweet titanium spork was kind hate. Headphones for flights important documents s a list of things geared toward travelers that leave. A lint roller is an easy way to store your dirty shoes from... Of rubber flip-flop sandals if you ’ ll cover in this guide hung up since most stores... We cover women-specific packing suggestions including your backpack ) Parisian Women seem to never the! Use them in Europe some voodoo science like the Platypus Soft bottle can be dressed or! Policy and how to Support Us mainly written by James, but they are —... jun 5 2013! Super hand for picnics since most grocery stores don ’ t expect crazy feature or ultra-lightweight, but is! Works well to keep your clothes dirty light makes travel much easier this way you can pretty. Sturdier “ hiking ” shoes since they ’ re traveling there to your inbox electronics like,. Unless you really need the full functionality of a laptop but i ’ not! The cities you ’ re traveling in the winter, and similar companies all make leather sneakers are. A fleece jacket is a great excuse to buy all your toiletries contained dive into shirts and tops stuff when... A handful of brands that make travel pants that look really nice clothes a... Wear really nice clothes as a normal toothbrush cover if that ’ s our guide to using Plans!
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