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New videos, trip reports, gear reviews, inspiring stories and more. Choose just the Yogi book, or add Trauma’s books: $39.95 - Yogi's PCT Handbook. Multitools turn a whole box of big, clunky gadgets into a small, portable device so you're prepared for any task. The last thing you want is to drop something important like a wallet or a cell phone. I lacked sufficient time to proceed resolving problem. Thanks to technology, it’s easy to order as you go, Guide Book: Pages from Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook, printed copy of The Water Report, App: Halfmile’s PCT Smartphone App (For iOS) (For Android), Other GPS Phone Apps: Gaia GPS, Topo Maps+, and Guthooks, Hammock: Hummingbird Single & Tree Straps, Pillow: ZPacks Medium-Plus Dry Bag Pillow, GPS Phone Apps: Gaia GPS, Topo Maps+, and Guthooks, Sunglasses: Ray Ban Polarized New Wayfarer, Bug Repellant: Permethrin & Picardin Lotion. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn." There's so much to learn: how to resupply, what shoes/gear to buy, how to survive in the desert and the snow, etc. Top pick: REI Co-op Magma 15 or 30 (men’s 15 & 30/women’s 15 & 30), Best budget-friendly option: Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20 or 30 (men’s 20 & 30/women’s 20 & 30), Top backpacking quilt pick: Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt 10°. Factors including start date, snow pack, and weather may make one person’s experience dramatically different than another hiker’s. “Hot Tub” and her Trail Family, “30-Pack,” “Coincidence,” “Sweet Tooth",” and “outburst”. Our focus is building educational resources to help backpackers of all levels feel more comfortable in the wilderness. From: yogilists at hotmail.com (yogi yogi) [pct-l] Changes/Updates to Yogi's PCT Handbook. So how do you know where the water's at? Here are some of our favorite gear items to thru-hike with. Some hikers choose to hike southbound (SOBO) to avoid the crowds. From: scourtway at bpa-arch.com (Steve Courtway) [pct-l] Water Update. Enjoy any opportunity you get to see these amazing creatures in action, but respect them by not approaching them and always storing your food and other scented items properly. Make sure you surround yourself with good people who lift you up out there, do some solid logistical planning before you hit the trail, and never EVER quit on a bad day. Learn the basics: Backpacking & Hiking Clothing 101: Tips for Creating the Perfect Ultralight Clothing System, All hikers have their own style and different needs for thermo-regulation, but the basics are the same, Top trail runner pick: Altra Lone Peak 4.5 (men’s & women’s), Top hiking shoe pick: Salomon X Ultra 3 Low Aero (men’s & women’s), Top hiking boot pick: Vasque Breeze LT Mid GTX (men’s & women’s), Top hiking sock pick: Balega Hidden Comfort, Top warm sock pick: Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion  (men’s & women’s). The thought of planning and completing a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike can be overwhelming. Most people quit their jobs before hitting the trail, which means no pay and likely no health insurance. We explain the key differences of each water treatment method and share our personal favorites in our list of the Best Water Filters. On top of that, I forged some of the most meaningful friendships I probably ever will. From: yogihikes at sbcglobal.net (yogi) [pct-l] Question for fundraisers/charity hikers. Thru-hikers must choose calorie- and protein-rich foods that are lightweight and affordable. Here are a few ways you can help: Thru-hiking the PCT is a big challenge with big rewards, and we hope this guide helps you plan a successful hike. Best budget-friendly option: REI Co-op Quarter Dome SL 2. Putting your regular life on hold - Leaving “regular life” behind for five or six months is a big commitment and can be a real challenge. That’s why it blew my mind a few years back when I learned that thru-hikers cover thousands of trail miles every year in running shoes. Hitchhiking - Hitchhiking is part of the adventure for most PCT thru-hikers since many of the towns used for resupply are many miles from trailheads. $49.95. A lightweight down coat should be at the center of any good backpacking list. From: Trekker4 at aol.com (Trekker4@aol.com) [pct-l] PCT hikers. Top cook pot pick: Toaks Titanium 750 ml. Real dangers PCT thru-hikers face and should learn to minimize the risk of are: Exposure (heat exhaustion/stroke and hypothermia), A Hiker jumps across a creek in Northern California. Well if you haven't already, I suggest you check out my Pacific Crest Trail page. Without an approved and printed copy of this permit in your possession, crossing into Canada via the PCT is strictly prohibited and a serious violation of Canadian Federal Law. A great planning guide to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (the PCT). They make their home in the mountains along the entire trail, but the largest populations of bears are in the Southern Sierra, Yosemite, and Lassen Volcanic National Park. Our reputation is our most important asset, which is why we only provide completely honest and unbiased recommendations. Many hikers develop debilitating blisters or overuse injuries in this section. If you plan to hike with small children or dogs it’s wise to be cautious, but generally, adults are not at risk of being attacked. I was hiking with this book PCT from start till end. Wind river part three. The Pacific Crest Trail. Remember that the members of the PCT Facebook Group can be anyone: future hikers, past hikers, trail angels, family members, or random PCT groupies. Long-distance hiking guidebooks for the Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail, PCT, CDT. Rodents - Mice, chipmunks, and squirrels will keep you company along the entire length of the PCT. Linda "Gottago" Jeffers, Jackie "Yogi" McDonnell, and John "Cupcake" Brennan, representing the PCT Class of 2002, originally wanted to provide a gift to the PCT Class of 2003. We researched and tested dozens of headlamps to put together this list of the 10 Best Headlamps. Have all up-to-date proof of vaccinations and medical documents, as well as any medications your pet needs readily available for their temporary guardian. For those reasons (along with pure coziness), they’ve become our most beloved pieces of clothing for hiking and everyday wear. The thought of planning and completing a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike can be overwhelming. We’ll give you the inside scoop in our Best Women’s Hiking Pants Guide. If you do come face to face with one in the day time, something is off as that is extremely uncharacteristic. Some are better than others though, and we’re happy to share our opinion in our Best Freeze Dried Meals Guide. Need a visual? In 2016, Kim (Bearfoot Theory’s former Community Manager), quit her job as a principal and embarked on a 5-month journey to solo … I’m Kathleen. More: Check out our Best Backpacking Jackets, Best Men’s Hiking Pants, and Best Women’s Hiking Pants lists for more options. If you carry them, keep your trekking poles in plain sight. SOBOs: It’s illegal to enter the US from Canada via the PCT. When we hit the trail, this is what we carry in our packs. Not only will they keep you dry when the skies open up, but they’ll also cut the wind and hold in valuable body heat to keep you safe and warm in the backcountry. 19.95. I know that she updates it every year with water reports, etc. In our experience, friends and family really appreciated being included in the planning process. Instead start at Hart’s Pass in Washington. Choosing a direction - Choosing which direction you want to go really depends on your style, schedule, and what you want to get out of the hike. An estimated 80-90% of hikers go northbound on the PCT, but southbounding is gaining popularity. Tax ID#: 33-0051202 THE PCT-L: I am surprised that this still exists. Pairing down the essentials into one single bag can be fun and freeing as long as you have the right gear and the right travel backpack to pack it in. This page is about resupply strategy, for information about food choices, please visit our page on trail food. With all the technical data to sift through and seemingly endless choices on the market, it can be a real challenge to figure out what to buy. in a 12 month period. Packing a top-notch tent is one of the best ways to increase comfort, safety, and enjoyment on backcountry trips. For this reason, it’s best to go off trail at least 50 yards to urinate and don’t leave sweaty clothes or backpacks unattended for goats to chew on. The short of it? Dogs aren’t allowed on some parts of the PCT, but “SUP Dog” was able to join us for a section in the North Cascades. "Yogi's Pacific Crest Trail Handbook" answers all these questions . New backpacking videos, trip reports, gear reviews, inspiring stories and more. You’ll wear it just about every night on the trail. That’s just what you do. Poisonous Poodle-Dog Bush in Southern California. Thanks guy . You can (and are encouraged to) send updates to the water report from the trail via email or text message. Tips for getting a ride: Many hikers find that it’s easier to get cars to stop if they have a sign saying something like, “Hiker to Town.” Writing in bold letters on the back of your ground sheet is effective and doesn’t require carrying any extra weight. Cell service is certainly not a guarantee on the PCT, but you’ll probably want to have one with you. In some cases, friends and family won’t understand your decision to abandon worldly comforts and live out of a backpack, and you will probably have your own apprehensions. You’ll spend months communing with nature, build jaw-dropping endurance, and develop lasting friendships along the way. Good planning can help relieve a good amount of stress you and your loved ones will likely experience regarding your thru-hike. There's nothing quite as satisfying as having just the tool you need for a job, right when and where you need it. If you’re lucky, you might also get to see rarer creatures like Ringtailed cats or - one of the cutest animals that ever lived; the pine marten. The PCT truly is an amazing footpath, but it didn’t just appear there. From: yogilists at hotmail.com (yogi yogi) [pct-l] Water Update. Below, you’ll find tips about choosing a start date, buying gear, what to expect on the trail, and so much more. Thru-Hikers Ferociously eating in Kennedy Meadows. Everest after finishing a thru-hike, $4000-8000+ - Average on-trail expenses, plan to spend $2 - $3 per mile, 4-5 - Average pairs of shoes a PCT hiker will go through, 60% - Percentage of people who complete a thru-hike on the PCT out of those that attempt it, Author, Heather, aka “Hot Tub” on her PCT Thru-Hike near Indian Mountain in Oregon - Photo Credit: Philip Kramer. Never get in a car if it doesn’t feel right. The South Fork of the Kern River marks the start of the Sierra Nevada, Most hikers rest, resupply, and swap out/pick up additional gear (ice axe, bear canister, traction devices, mosquito net, etc.) To stop along the way and get acquainted with those flowers he called “Nature’s darlings.” This was exactly Anish’s approach during her first PCT hike in 2005. Many people are making the switch from plastic to glass water bottles for the health of the environment and their bodies. The OR Helium Rain Jacket and Pants (updated for 2020) are among the most affordable options in the ultralight rain…, A Quick Guide to Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, guide to making your own backpacking meals, The Mountaineers ‘Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail’ series, Pros and Cons of Hiking With Trekking Poles, Mosquitos & Hiking: How to Protect Yourself, storing your food and other scented items properly, Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt 10°, Ex Officio Give-N-Go Women’s Bikini Briefs, Backpacking & Hiking Clothing 101: Tips for Creating the Perfect Ultralight Clothing System, 100 Gifts for Backpacking, Hiking & Camping, 8 Iconic Pacific Northwest Backpacking Trips. Here are some popular resources from the CleverHiker Gear Guide: Best Lightweight, Ultralight, & Budget Tents, A Quick Guide to Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail. (The old Town Guide is out of date and out of print; the PCTA recommends using Yogi’s handbook instead.) We needed umbrellas and rain gear to survive wet weeks in Washington’s ruggedly beautiful North Cascades, The North Cascades are wet, rugged, and stormy, with many steep climbs and descents, Hikers should be prepared for heavy rains and intense river fords, This section begins at the lowest point of the trail, Bridge of the Gods (elev. This doesn’t include the initial investment in gear which can set you back anywhere from $0-$5,000+ depending on what gear you have/need (more on this below). Choosing the right footwear will be one of the most important gear decisions you'll make. Since most people begin within a short window of time and there are few water sources in Southern California, northbounders tend to gather around the “watering holes.” Many hikers even group up and hike together. So pick up one of the Best Backpacking Stoves and make that moment happen. Both have their pros and cons. This makes planning and trail culture slightly different than it used to be, but it’s been put in place for a good reason. Here are some critters to keep a more cautious eye out for: rattlesnakes are scary, but they do try to give you fair warning when you startle them. Well, I could, but I imagine that since you've managed to make it here, you are perfectly capable of finding other resources as well – and I don't want to be branded a liar (not yet, at least). Tasty food, cold drinks, and the great outdoors - the perfect trifecta! HALFMILE: Halfmile offers PDF maps of the PCT (that can be printed or used on your mobile device) that receive a yearly update and much praise from PCT hikers (myself included). BLOGS/FORMER THRU-HIKERS: What's consistently the most valuable resource for people hiking the PCT? The gift ideas listed in the CleverHiker Gift Guide are can’t miss recommendations for anyone that enjoys backpacking, hiking, and camping. And to make things worse, sometimes even “reliable” sources of water can be dry. Hunger - Thru-hikers burn up to 5,000 calories every day, so it’s nearly impossible to carry and eat enough food to stave off ‘hiker hunger.’ After a couple weeks on the trail, your body will start to deplete its glycogen stores and you’ll likely develop an insatiable appetite. Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook (PCT hiker advice, trail towns maps and info) The Mountaineers ‘Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail’ series (detailed regional guidebooks with beautiful photography) PCT Data Book (mileages, landmarks, facilities, resupply data - available in Kindle or paperback) Most popular maps/navigation tools: More: Check out our Best Backpacking Backpacks list for more options. It's also why I began conducting my Annual Pacific Crest Trail Thru-hiker Survey (here) – because there's no better resource than hikers who have just finished a thru-hike. We just use whatever vessel is laying around. For many of us, it’s been drilled into our heads since day one that backpackers wear boots. If you do decide to hike with a group, remember that group dynamics can change over the course of a thru-hike due to various circumstances. . At CleverHiker, we believe that backpacking adventures provide some of life’s most rewarding experiences. Mountain goats - Those with a keen eye may get to see some of these magnificent beasts scaling the steep, craggy slopes of Washington’s high country. Get it for Andorid or iOS. Rattlesnakes - Rattlesnakes are venomous and they’re abundant on certain parts of the PCT. We’re really grateful for our positive experiences with hitchhiking, but we definitely recommend being cautious. Physical prep - Not much can prepare you for hiking thousands of miles across the country besides just doing it. Trail culture - Some people prefer to be lone wolves, which offers a more quiet experience and an increased chance of seeing wildlife. Staying hydrated and avoiding parasites in the backcountry is critical. Using your data it outputs how many days it will take between your selected resupply points, what the elevation profile it, how much total elevation you'll gain, your average elevation gain per day, and your average mileage per day. You'll be turned on to new videos, trip reports, gear reviews, inspiring outdoor stories and much more. We’ve accepted many rides from strangers over multiple thru-hikes and have seen a lot of good in people. We won’t go into full detail here, but this is a great resource (and pretty hilarious). They now live in a converted school bus with their cat in Sandy, Oregon. We're Dave & Annie, the outdoor adventurers behind CleverHiker. Heather Eldridge is an accomplished backpacker, having walked over 6,000 miles through the country’s most beautiful wild places.
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