In 20 months you can earn a BSN degree from UBC! Interested students are eligible to enter the ENVE program after completing the first year engineering program and should apply for the ENVE program during term 2 of the first year engineering program. Photo Credit: Hover Collective. You will also be immersed in active industry and community involvement. margin:0 0 0 10px; Engineering Physics is one of the most competitive and academically challenging undergraduate programs at UBC. What is your perception of the UBC Applied Science brand personality. Find your program of choice, or discover something new. .info__box a, .info__box a:hover { In UBC’s Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology, you will explore the real-world application of the life sciences to the management of land, animals and food production. Info; Visit Apply Now. First year of UBC’s Bachelor of Science, graduates of Vantage One Science are fully prepared to transition into second year of the degree, so the program doesn’t add extra study time. .alert-icon { Includes Academic English courses, designed to further develop language skills alongside academic studies. Students will learn how to develop, design, and test software, computer networks, and protocols. Bachelor of Applied Science Contents. max-width:100%; If you are interested in complementing your LFS degree with a strong foundation in management, consider applying for the Bachelor of Science (Applied Biology) – Master of Management Dual Degree. This multi-disciplinary program involves Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology, and provides you with a grounding in the principles and techniques used by intelligent systems to interact with the world around them. News. Through the program, students will complete the full requirements … The program is built around practical learning experiences, … padding: 10px; margin-left: 15px; Women in Engineering Entrance Scholarship. [CDATA[/* > What is your perception of the UBC Applied Science brand personality? Paying tuition. Our core purpose is to discover, design, innovate, provide unwavering top-tier education and champion a community of responsible professionals. vertical-align: middle; font-size: 150%; × COVID-19 and UBC's response. apply to the UBC Bachelor of Applied Science program in Engineering. Students admitted directly from secondary schools are required to take English in their first year if eligible to do so. margin-left:10px; Those interested in joining the talent at UBC can apply directly into the Bachelor of Applied Science or can transfer into the program after completing first year Sciences. .alert-content { Various departments in UBC Science have special requirements (such as having your program approved in writing). The Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering is a 4-year program at the University of British Columbia(UBC). The Materials Engineering program at UBC provides the knowledge and skills you need to pursue your career goals. Funding your studies. Student Services margin:10px auto; Students must select courses in the Faculty of Science or Applied Science, keeping in mind that they are limited six credits of undergraduate courses. The Personal Profile is your chance to give us additional evid… position:relative; /*-->*/. What is Materials Engineering? As a student in Applied Animal Biology, you’ll explore the field of animal science as you apply your knowledge to real-world biological issues through hands-on field work and research on farms, as well as in laboratories, animal shelters, and wildlife rehabilitation centres. } 1 UBC ’S OKANAGAN CAMPUS – JAN 017 BACHELOR OF APPLIED SCIENCE FIRST–YEAR PLANNING GUIDE Term 1 (Sept–Dec) Term 2 (Jan–April) APSC 171: Engineering Drawing and CAD/CAM APSC 169: Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering Design APSC 172: Engineering Analysis I APSC 173: Engineering Analysis II APSC 176: Engineering Communication APSC 178: Electricity, Magnetism, and … higher minimum sessional average » More about Honours . Applied Animal Biology offers opportunities for advanced study and research leading to a M. Sc. Since the flexibility for such study may be limited, approval must be obtained from the Dean's Office. IB Math Applications and Interpretations SL, or IB Math Studies, do not satisfy the math requirement for admission to UBC’s science-based programs, the Faculty of Management, the UBC Sauder School of Business, or the Vancouver School of Economics. Most of your lectures will be in large rooms but labs and tutorials will be in smaller groups. See our commitment to UBC Science students and connect with Science Advising online or by phone.