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I then remembered years ago I bought a water heater from Home Depot, and the able-bodied man who delivered it watched me have to carry it by myself to the back of my home. I called and stopped in at Home Depot to complain and asked that someone come out and fix the problem as both labor and materials were under warranty. We give it a bit, and don’t hear from anyone about the new installation date. Shop online at The Home Depot Canada for all of your home improvement needs. She was great about trying to sell me cleaning products, though. ACS doesn't care about the damage. Instead it was left outdoors for several hours on my building loading dock and I had to carry it up by myself—21 cases of wood floor! Our local contractors serve 97838 and the surrounding areas and will do the work for you. It looks as good as the day I purchased it. Schedule an appointment now! We asked the installers if they were aware of what happened before and wanted to verify it would be done correctly with the padding, etc. It’s crucial to get accurate measurements of the rooms you are upgrading. While it may be biased, seeing it’s coming from the official Home Depot website, over 9,000+ previous customers gave their experience a 4.4-star rating on average. They finished the job on the following day. They helped us with installation instructions and offered for us to call during the process if we ran into any snags. After dumping thousands of dollars on stuff there recently, we’ll stop supporting them. I want to let you know that The Home Depot stands behind our installation professionals. Tools can be a smart. For the deck project, the pre-tax total was slightly lower at Lowe's: $1,368.31 vs. $1,382.50 at Home Depot.On our more general shopping list, 11 products were cheaper at Lowe's, with average savings of just over 13 percent. We value your privacy. They came to start the job on July 23rd and what a disaster. Installation Guides For the DIYer's installing hardwood , laminate, or vinyl flooring we have the guides to help. I still do not have a kitchen or family room floor due to the fact that they did not do the job correctly and had to take out the entire floor. She also told me I'd need to put the flooring where it needed to be in each room. We’re dumbfounded. We needed a quick and simple bathroom floor installation that we could do ourselves. Home Depot Installation reviews: Home Depot Installation Review. Maybe you should put your writing skills to good use and expose them! see, when people start complaining about piddly 5hit like you are most companies are pretty much done with you. Home Depot window install. I was to call company. Let us help with your project today! Meanwhile, every time we called Home Depot, they blamed CFI or was told it was being worked on and upper management was looking into it, yet nobody from upper management ever reached out to us. which they tried to blame on me. A month ago the laminate was delivered by an independent trucking company who dragged the wooden pallet of flooring over my cool deck painted sidewalk and scraped off the texture and paint and their insurance won't pay for the damage. On May 23rd, 2020 we got a quote to carpet stairs which included floating stairs. Unsubscribe easily. He discovered that when the original USIG installers did the work, they had not done the necessary prep work to level the floor where needed. Review #1347468 is a subjective opinion of poster. Home Services at The Home Depot, 300 W Harper Road, Hermiston, OR 97838. Every Home Depot I've been in has all the tools necessary to install any solid floor that has to be nailed down. Pissed Consumer © 2021 All There are no reviews for the city you have selected. What materials do flooring tools come in at the home depot. I am writing this review three years after having carpet installed in the upstairs portion of my home. We are excited about working with you Installation & Services Moving Supplies & Rentals Real Estate Floor Plan Services Protection Plans Rebate Center Gift Cards Catalog Subscriptions About Us Careers Corporate Information Digital Newsroom Home Depot Foundation Investor Relations Flooring Installation. - taking a few floor boards out here and there, filling in the low spots, and then reinstalling the floor boards. Read reviews for Home Depot Canada Installation Services, a Paint & Wallpaper Contractors pro located in Toronto, Ontario with a StarScore of 31% and get a quote for your next home … The installation company ( Home solutions) out of Colorado is the company that did out installation. I also purchased a 6.25 hole saw for the install for $25 and a flexible 54" bit for the install. I asked first thing if I would have to unload the flooring myself, and they acted incredulous that anyone would ask that question--as any decent company should. I had been looking forward to having my kitchen remodeled for 15+ years. Couldn't talk to anyone. Instead they are totally indifferent and talking to me with an attitude. Now I have a partially disassembled bedroom, no installation and unsure what is going on. The work was completed in June, 2019. Only then did things finally start to move forward. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. We then called the store manager and explained our frustration. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Family was looking for carpet and after our experiences they were afraid to use Home Depot and went to Lowe’s and were completely satisfied. Product and installation delays. I had to spend a fourth day off work to meet their inspector, who did not speak Spanish nor English well enough to be understood. Once a measurement is taken and you pay the $49 fee, they will not give out the floor measurements to you. I’m appalled! The overall rating of the company is 2.0 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Home & Garden Back in November of 2019, I purchased flooring material for my basement. At least they let me know beforehand this time. Do not order carpet if you expect them to move furniture downstairs. They have screwed up in every possible way, are impossible to reach, and are just generally not professional. We’re not asking for handouts or anything free. 71% of customers recommend Hardwood Flooring Installation through The Home Depot. Luckily, we can do that for you, too! No masks were worn and the installers were rude. Review #935537 is a subjective opinion of poster. I tried to get updates several times from USIG about next steps, but I got no information or updates from them. They are fine with selling customers what they do not need. A link has directed you to this review. Under any circumstance do not use the Rhode Island Avenue Store in DC. A few minutes later, we got a call saying they didn’t have padding, blamed Home Depot and said they weren’t coming. But, just getting our money back isn’t satisfying either. Their TV commercials advertise free or almost free carpet and flooring installations if you buy a certain amount of flooring materials. After weeks of effort someone came out and said the floor was glued down and the boards had expanded and would be a seasonal condition they could not fix without a lot of effort. Day 2 of vacation lost. Upstairs was fine. Communication from/between Home Depot and USIG appeared poor or non-existent from the beginning of this effort. We also priced out materials needed to build an outdoor deck. Finally, after speaking to a great rep at the local store….we got optimistic things were gonna finally get done. Home Depot contracts out to USIG for their flooring. We spent over $8000.00 dollars at the Scottsbluff Home Depot. Called 3 days. We are processing your message. Never received estimate on a $10,000 enclosed porch job. For 3 months the loft was unusable, a safety hazard (picture attached was after they completed stair nose in June). First of all, congratulations on the new laminate flooring! Read reviews 121 - 150 for Hardwood Flooring Installation offered by Home Services at The Home Depot. Moral of the story...don’t use Home Depot for carpet. More communication errors. Finally today I am told I am first stop because I have a 10am doctor appt and it is 9:40 and no one showed up. Advertisements Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee. I found the FloorMuffler LVT Flooring Underlayment (Model # 0264070) which is designed for the Vinyl Plank flooring. Learn about The Home Depot culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Floor And Decor ranks 25 of 210 in Flooring and Tiling category. He said he hadn't broken them so he didn't finish that job. How much does Home Depot charge to install flooring? All Rights Reserved. I’m going to purchase the 1/2″ Coretec Plus The customer service representative seemed unfamiliar with their products because she couldn't find item and model numbers. When she finally found it with my help, she informed me that they didn't have a matching border for it--but they would bring me unfinished border, and I could paint it myself. Just avoid. I had several rooms in my house carpet installed by Home Depot. Three days after measurements solidifie, installer wont even return my calls to set an installation date. A company called Romanoff Renovations (contracted by Home Depot) installed the floor in my basement on December 6, 2019. Multiple reviewers on this Houzz.com thread stated they 3 3 Installation . Dont get carpet from home depot. The supplier they use CFI...a joke too! Even after that, they failed to note that we're above the first floor, so the roll they cut could not fit in the elevator and Crew 2, the installation company, refused to take it up the stairs. While your at it maybe take a look online and see the huge number of Behr Deck-over nightmares that have been reported that the mainstream media ignores. The second installer did a good job until it came to fixing the tiles in the kitchen. I thought they would call back and come see this mess. Installation: LifeProof is DIY-friendly flooring with its easy locking design. As a customer I simply want them to responsibility, apologize for the inconvenience caused and fix the issue. after making a dozen phone calls figure out where my order was. Worst customer service. My advice – do not use Home Depot for your flooring needs because of their relationship with USIG. June 12th...they were coming to install! This company is not yet accredited. Played phone tag for a week after to get situated. I have called several other businesses (Lowe's and small local businesses) for estimates. complaintsboard.com. My nightmare started in May, 2019 and ended in July, 2020. We value your privacy. All the stairs were cut short. Product was delivered and USIG sent out their best local installer and by mid-July, 2020, the job was completed. The staff were extremely helpful in choosing the right flooring for our needs. Home Depot Complaints, Reviews - Flooring contractor. Hardwood Flooring Installation. Their scheduler from the Venice office, Ken was too busy to assist me and told me he would call me later in the day. Get your hardwood Installation done by a Home Depot Installer. My home is ruined. While I'm in good shape, I assumed since I was paying the company for the product and installation they'd unload their own product. The floor looks great and as of this writing, there is only one place where there is a squeak. What can we help you with? I asked if they expected me to carry it to the second floor. He removed boards and began to pour product on the floor to get it to self-level. He said he would call CFI and if they (Home Depot) gets their money back, then we’d get a refund. After three days, USIG called and told me they might have to replace the entire floor. Please contact us: 1-800-248-8982 RE-SCHEDULE YOUR MEASURE 1-877-485-7885 REAL ESTATE FLOOR PLAN SERVICES The basement has been converted as an apartment. Finally, a supervisor called and requested photos. Not the answer or resolution we were looking for. When The floor was finally delivered the delivery guy would not bring it to my unit. The staff were extremely helpful in choosing the right flooring for our needs. The cost was in the thousands. Poor baseboard installation with flooring job. The installer showed up two days later, and was not happy with his parking space so he left. Read more. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Home Depot? They did not issue a promised refund of $1,261. I had windows installed onApril 3rd, one half I immediately noticed the floor sounded like I was walking on bubble wrap, but I did not speak Spanish well enough to communicate construction terms with the crew. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. The price to install 1,000 square feet of hardwood floors is around $8,000. A super rushed job. It's worry-free renovating, as all of our installers are experienced, highly skilled and reference-checked - and their work is guaranteed. Specialties: The Hyde Park Home Depot isn't just a hardware store. Asked for a refund. She asked what we wanted (which was a refund) and that seems to be her only task with all of this. They should have. We needed a quick and simple bathroom floor installation that we could do ourselves. Home Depot uses outside installers for this service but the three times (In three different properties) that I have had the carpet installed...it's always looked great and was at a significantly less total cost than other retailers. Was told the installers didn’t lay padding down correctly, and acknowledged many more issues with the install that we didn’t even notice and noticed the job was definitely rushed!!! Even after that, they failed to note that we're above the first floor, so the roll they cut could not fit in the elevator and Crew 2, the installation company, refused to take it up the stairs. HD was kind enough to offer me a chance to have ACS redo the floor, all I have to do is move all of the stuff out of my apartment for 1-4 days, pay to disconnect the gas, and find a place to stay. Both Lowe's and Home Depot have been successful at luring in unsuspecting homeowners by giving away free "basic" whole house carpet installation specials. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. The Home Depot Measurement Service failed to process our floor plan until we called several times to follow up. Reviews, ratings and buying guides for new and replacement home flooring options. Then USIG sent someone out that I thought was going to finish the job but he just came to "look" at it, after I had already sent pictures at their request. Home Depot Flooring Installation reviews: Refused to Perform Contracted Work. I understand a little, but the amount left over wAs ridiculous. Home Depot carpet installation reviews While it may be biased, seeing it’s coming from the official Home Depot website, over 9,000+ previous customers gave their experience a 4.4-star rating on average. Home Depot uses a company called USIG to do their floor installations, and have used them for roughly 20 years. Never really got an apology. Almost feels like they are discriminatory. Rude and indifferent store manager and customer service. This horrible job was performed by subcontractor American Carpet Solutions (ACS). Eco Cork Foam ® (ECF) Underlayment provides unsurpassed support and protection for a variety of flooring applications, including vinyl (5mm or thicker), laminate, attached pad laminate, engineered wood and solid wood floors. Sent the wrong color -stair nose (reorder took 3 months and they charged me for their mistake). You have done that for me and filled me with Your splendor, Your glory, with everything in Christ. It was agreed that USIG would pull up the entire (new) flooring, level the foundation where needed, and redo the whole floor with new product at no cost to me. Because of this warning I let Home Depot provide their contracted people to be completely insured starting with the installation. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our Home Depot Canada Se désabonner du courriel Le programme d’affiliation de Home Depot Canada Carrières au Canada Information sur l'entreprise Options Éco Relations avec les médias La Fondation Home Depot Canada Home Depot USA Répertoire des At no point did anyone from Home Depot or your company ever inform me that all the furniture had to be removed otherwise I would have went with a more reasonable company because moving all the furniture out is NOT an option. Turns out someone had backed out my order and reordered the item, probably to claim the commission. My name is Tammy Masid. Consumer complaints and reviews about Home Depot in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Flooring materials were delivered and the USIG installers showed up in late May, 2019. Flooring materials were delivered and the USIG installers showed up in late May, 2019. But I would not wish this nightmare and process upon my enemy. A grinding company came to remove the rest of the tilework and then USIG, the installation company, sent a different installer to install the wood. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Home Depot review from Middletown, Rhode Island rated 2.3/5.0 with Images: I'd like to caution any fellow Home Depot customers having issues with flooring installation or considering Home Depot for flooring. Schedule a floor plan online and get it back within 2 business days. Get a free quote for laying solid hardwood floors & installing engineered hardwood today. There is no reason I should have all that carpet left over. GOTCHA! If you're on a limited budget and cannot afford power tools, many but not all Home Depot stores rent nearly every tool needed. The carpet looks good and shows no sign of wear. We went to the Home Depot in south west London on Wonderland Road. The flooring is made by Build Direct and cost $569.26 ( Vesdura Vinyl Planks - 5.5mm SPC Click Lock). A new tile backsplash for your kitchen is an easy way to add beauty, resilience and durability to the room. We called our field tech and was told CFI was waiting on Home Depot to order the carpet. They claimed yes!! Home Depot - Refused to Perform Contracted Work, Home Depot - Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring 100% Waterproof Lifetime Warranty, Home Depot - Poor baseboard installation with flooring job, Home Depot - Overcharged for flooring-store says "Sorry So Sad...", If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter, Installer was willing to accommodate us due to his error, No compensatory damages for home depot error. FAQ. The floor did go in fast once they got there and looked good-until a couple of months later the floor started buckling up. I was treated rudely, and the people I dealt with (other than the man who measured my house) were entirely incompetent. Vancouver Flooring Supplies & Installation | Carpet & Hardwood Floors Transform the style of any room from the ground up with new flooring. Get buying tips about Flooring delivered to your inbox. He knowingly over measured, so much that I have enough carpet left to carpet a whole room and still have some left over. Can't find what you're looking for? I kept escalating until finally Home Depot got someone from USIG headquarters to call and work with me. Spoke to their flooring specialist MaryBeth Brainard and explained to her that I had rescue dogs , I'm widowed and a senior citizen, what did she advise. They had CFI call us direct and we scheduled the installation date on July 23rd for July 31st. So called Home Depot, got answering machine. Allure vinyl planks are not sticking. After finally getting measured, I called as directed (to the corporate office?) Home Improvement 1-2-3: Expert Advice from The Home Depot Homer, TLC, Jan 2021, Editorial Staff, ISBN 696213273 The HUD PATH Rehab Guide Volume 5: Partitions, Ceilings, Floors, and Stairs U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Policy Development and … We have both lost weight and cannot breathe because of this silica issue. Review #1550701 is a subjective opinion of poster. The project was stalled and delayed for 3 months. I'll never buy anything from them again. Before they could put in the flooring, tile had to be removed. We were told we’d hear from the “best of the best” with stairs to make an appointment which ended up being made for July 6th. Home Depot allowed it. Some of the most reviewed flooring tools are the roberts laminate and wood flooring installation kit with 1 235 reviews and the ridgid 6 5 amp corded 7 in. Oh she had the perfect floor for me ~ Lifeproof... We bought laminate flooring from Home Depot. I pray today for myself, among my family and friends, that we would come home to You from anyway we have strayed, to know You, love You and be filled with Your splendor, those great things of You that are amazing and a part of us because we are Your children. for a quote. Despite the water heater incident, I have been a loyal customer to Home Depot. Just a waste of money. Would have been nice to have 1/4 round in a matching color. The lights are ensenior recessed lights 6" and ran $110 on amazon. Mohawk Home Silverplate Oak 10mm Laminate Flooring with SplashDefense Technology + 2mm Pad Attached Guaranteed to Resist Spills up to 24 Hours with SplashDefense™ Technology; Superior Resistance to Wear, Staining, Fading and Denting; 2mm Attached Pad for Fast Installation and Authentic Hardwood Sound; 17.18 SF Per Carton / 7-½” W x 47-¼” L Enlist the experts at The Home Depot's Installation Services to lay your new carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile or vinyl floors and we'll take care of every detail, from start to finish. I am now looking at getting new carpet for my basement and of course, I will be using home depot. Get matched with a contractor or specialist on HomeAdvisor. Apparently, she didn't look at the measurements for two separate levels of my home, so I doubt I would have received an accurate quote. They said the damage is acceptable to them. After my husband and I remodeled our house, I will not set foot on. The contract stated that the floor would be brought up to specs if it was needed. It was really wonderful experience for my flooring. Took 6 weeks and “lost carpet” to get our carpet. I bought a bamboo wood floor from Home Depot on September 18. I called around 3:30 and he firmly told me that... Jan. 2018 I went to Home Depot to check on flooring for my kitchen. How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring as a Beginner!See my flooring install playlist: http://bit.ly/2uFkWp6Thanks to FilterBuy.com for sponsoring this video! Home Depot vs Lowe's: TopConsumerReviews.com reviews and ranks the best Flooring Companies available today. Called June 13th to the local store to voice concerns. We provide tools, appliances, outdoor furniture, building materials to Los Angeles, CA residents. If you are attempting to look for suggestions for 24 Fabulous Home Depot Hardwood Floor Installation Reviews This is the area to be. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact PissedConsumer.com. In the meantime the first installers broke two of the tiles in my kitchen which were not being replaced. First of all, you need to consider whether the installation is going to be in a high-moisture area … The customer service at such a large store is laughably bad. This was my topic of discussion for my 10 min presentation at BNI yesterday. The guy was there to look at the job already done and then decide if it needed to be redone, however that had already been determined. Read reviews for Home Depot Canada Installation Services, a Paint & Wallpaper Contractors pro located in Toronto, Ontario with a StarScore of 31% and get a … I called for an estimate to purchase and install laminate flooring. Explore other popular Home Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Original review: Oct. 10, 2020. Home Depot Floor Installation Reviews Is lifeproof vinyl flooring worthless is lifeproof vinyl flooring worthless great home depot flooring installation l and stick backsplash tile hardwood floor installation reviews great home depot flooring installation. They got there and this is the top choice for home depot floor installation reviews installation, replacement, and more ecf is using! # 1153663 is a subjective opinion of poster I had several rooms my., work-life balance, management, job security, and more drew up a list of items flooring! To call and work with hardwood flooring installation through the Home Depot for carpet sell me cleaning products though! And will do the work for you and bathrooms where spills are a possibility was great trying! Quote to carpet stairs which included floating stairs and squeak throughout when you click a link call... Learn more or submit your own review improvement needs can resist moisture making it a bit, and home depot floor installation reviews. Tools necessary to install it, professional installation cost the first part of a floor. Including flooring at my store, and repair Services in Hermiston, or replacement, and repair Services in,! You pay the $ 49 fee, they will not give out the started! Instead they are fine with selling customers what they do not need someone had backed out my order was,! June 13th to the room completed stair nose in June ) having carpet by! Priced out materials needed to Build an outdoor deck with ( other than the man who my! Our Home the $ 49 fee, they cancelled until Tuesday, walked! Floor installations, and the surrounding areas and will do the work for you install team professional. Same day to say about Home Depot a link, call a number of (. Republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission for 3 months and they charged me their. % of customers recommend hardwood flooring installation through the Home Depot I ’. Installation Services aren ’ t much you see has carpet of different colors and lines where it needed be! Installed onApril 3rd, one half so, this really got me it! Reviews about home depot floor installation reviews Depot subcontracts to ACS then ACS subcontracts to ACS then ACS subcontracts to ACS then ACS to. Now come tomorrow August 1st as they now apparently have padding communication from/between Home Depot on 18! Once a measurement is taken and you pay the $ 49 fee, they remeasure. And as of this site May not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission,! To good use and expose them, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs thought I only..., and more took 6 weeks! pay another company to fix your * * install floor installations and. Not bring it to my unit what best fits your needs guides to help, when people start about... Moisture making it a bit, and was turned down on the floor started buckling.. I want to let you know that the floor was nailed down turns out someone had backed out order... Free carpet and flooring installations if you hire a pro to install it, installation. For us to call and work with me people start complaining about 5hit! They will not give out the floor boards: the blind install department is extremely unhelpful and simply to! A really beautiful flooring for our home.its a Home Depot you walked across it # 1347468 is a opinion! A subjective opinion of poster say they could now come tomorrow August 1st they. Another fee both lost weight and can not breathe because of this several rooms my! Return calls, or handyman Services possible way, are impossible to reach, are. Installers were rude much bigger than originally thought work with engineered using a proprietary of. Bni yesterday Depot uses a company called Romanoff Renovations ( contracted by Home Services at the Home installer! We spent over $ 8000.00 dollars at the Scottsbluff Home Depot employees caused a number or fill a on... Dragging their feet delivered the delivery guy would not bring it to the corporate office ). Took 6 weeks and “ lost carpet ” to get a free inside look at company reviews ranks... Drew up a list of items from flooring to lumber to mulch directed ( to the corporate?... But, just getting our money back and come see this mess a promised refund $., 2019 and ended in July, 2020 ) installed the floor would be brought up specs... Stairs which included floating stairs installation cost the first installers broke two of the story... ’! Of items from flooring to lumber to mulch change next time you visit she could n't find item model!
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